Created on March 14, 2017, the « SIMPLEMENT TELLE QUE TU ES » (STQTE) Association aims to help people with some congenital disease.


The Association is governed by the law of July 1, 1901 and by the decree of August 16, 1901 of the French Republic.


All of our cells have the same genome with nearly 40,000 genes. However an alteration of one of them can lead to genetic diseases: Apert, trisomy, myopathy, etc. Most congenital diseases (present at birth) are of genetic origin but they may also be to the intrauterine environment, or to unknown factors.

The purpose of association SIMPLEMENT TELLE QUE TU ES (STQTE) (Just the way you are) – on Facebook – is to provide, for the benefit of its beneficiary members and all persons appointed by decision of the general assembly, on the proposal of the board of directors, suffering from a congenital disease, financial assistance for his/her treatments.

Always having the welfare of its members first, the association can guarantee the payment of all ancillary expenses not reimbursed by the social security or by another insurance institution, such as: travel, accommodation, transport, food, surgery and care costs advances before the total or partial reimbursement according to the care.

To the association we share a conviction: to be different, it is normal. Let us therefore unite in order to give dignity to those who only seek to integrate socially and to ensure that they receive all the necessary support for their physical, mental and moral development.

Among its objectives, the association SIMPLEMENT TELLE QUE TU ES (STQTE) wishes to guarantee the trips of its beneficiary members for specialized treatments in France or abroad.

The Association develops individual projects for each Beneficiary Member that could cover all or part of their treatments financially. We are very sensitive to the interest that you can express in the cause that we defend for more than 15 years and formalized, since March this year, through the creation of the Association STQTE.

Thanks to people like you that our Association will find the necessary and essential resources to achieve our goals.

Together, we can achieve these goals for improving the living conditions of people with congenital diseases.

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